Media Production

I am a trained expert in media production. In 2008, I graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in Communications, with a concentration on Film and Media Arts. Since then, I have worked in various capacities, from customer support, to education, to technology. My professional background is diverse, which is a major strength as I continue to grow my small business, Ripple Engine.

Web Design

I got my start building webpages for clubs and organizations I was part of in high school. Since then, I have built websites and blogs using WordPress as a hobby, and then as a freelancer, starting a company called Milstein Media.

While a traditional web developer may concentrate solely on writing code, I remain focused on design and user experience instead. Relying less on backend coding keeps costs down for my customers, and produces reliable results for small businesses and individuals.

In 2024, I launched Ripple Engine, which merges my media production skills into a a more streamlined business.

Film and Video

My time at Temple University was spent getting extensive training in film and video production. I created several film projects, and was an intern for an Emmy-nominated Steadicam operator who has worked for decades on many TV productions and feature films.

Today’s technology and tools, while easily accessible, are not easy to master. A professional can harness the power of these tools and create a magical experience for any audience. When I work with individuals and small businesses, I like to utilize these skills to bring their vision to life.

I continue to hone my craft by working in a freelance capacity. I recently worked for Game Film Pros, now Pegasus Sports Video.

I am also developing a documentary about the history of Jewish summer camps, which I hope to complete by 2026.


I have been a musician since childhood. While entirely a passion and hobby, I will occasionally record and share my music with the world under the name Moonlight Cheddar. I also welcome collaboration with other musicians. I have only scratched the surface of my own creativity with music production, but it has become a growing part of my routine, and a source of great joy.

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